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 2012 International Year of Cooperatives 


Konfekoop - Basque Cooperatives Confederation wanted to celebrate the 2012 IYC declared by the UN General Assembly, with a diverse schedule of activities for the cooperatives, cooperativists and society in general.

Conferences, congresses, art competition, mus (cards) championship, cooperative "fiesta", music video .... are some of the activities. Enter Forokoop and discover them!


They got together, and made decisions
We are heirs of their dreams, we are actors of the new
Together we set up, living networks
People rise from the bottom, people rise and I had a dream

 It's time to sow and spread, it's time to weave
Deciding is a network
Where? How? With whom?
The work is networked
It's time to knead, it's time to hold

 Create a future, to your dream
Although it is hard, we are seeding future
Being what we are, we make the way
We hope, a more beautiful life
Solidarity pushes us
Our life is in our hands and in our feet
The light will come back, wake up
A fuller life is our goal




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