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Forokoop, “Cooperative Debate Forum”, born of shared concern between the CSCE-EKGK –Higher Council of Basque Cooperatives– and Konfekoop –Basque Cooperatives Confederation–, related to the need to reflect on cooperative issues.

We propose, a mixed model, in person and virtual one. The social networks and the websiteallows us a permanent contact, which is enriched with annual workshop. The aim of Forokoopis to analyze specific issues related to our cooperative world and the social economy, and to be a meeting point for those people interested in cooperative issues in order to contribute to mutual knowledge and debate and exchange of opinions, proposals and reflections.

From here we invite you to cooperate, to share in this fórum, to present your concerns and reflections, your suggestions and your criticisms.

Get into the Permanent Forum

•   XI Workshop (2017): Basque political parties and Cooperatives
•   X Workshop (2016): The social contribution of cooperativism
•   IX Workshop (2015): Inequalities in the XXI century
•   VIII Workshop (2014): 2011-2020 a cooperative decade
•   VII Workshop (2013): Gizarte-Koop, Social Initiative Economy
•   VI Workshop (2012): Cooperatives to the crisis
•   V Workshop (2011): Youth, the future of the Cooperatives
•   IV Workshop (2010): Social Innovation at enterprises
•   III Workshop (2009): People's participation at the company
•   II Workshop (2008): Gender Equality at Cooperatives
•   I Workshop (2007): Dependency Law, a challenge for Social Economy enterprises


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