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Konfekoop’s two main organs are the Board and the General Assembly, which are made up as follows:

1) Board:

PresidentRosa Mª LavínErkide - worker

Vice-PresidentPatxi OlabarriaErkide - teaching

SecretaryPablo DuranaFCAE - agriculture

Board MembersUnai ArreguiErkide - worker

Luis Alberto BercianosErkide - consumer

Eduardo FernandezFCAE - teaching

Juan Bautista JauregiErkide - agriculture

Koldo KortabitarteErkide - worker

Mikel LarreaErkide - consumer

Iñaki PeñaErkide - banking

Gonzalo Sáez de IbarraFCTE - transport

Martín UriarteFCAE - agriculture

2) General Assembly: is formed by the same people with twice the number of votes that correspond to them.


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