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International Cooperative Day

The ICA is an independent, non-governmental association which brings together, represents and serves cooperative organisations all over the world.  Founded in London in 1895, its 310 members are national and international cooperative organisations from all sectors of activity and from 109 countries.  Together, these cooperatives represent approximately 1.200 million individuals worldwide and 3 million cooperatives.

Co-operatives contribute to sustainable economic growth and stable, quality employment, employing 280 million people across the globe, in other words 10% of the world’s employed population.

The ICA, since 1923, and the United Nations, since 1995, celebrate the first Saturday of July the International Day of Cooperatives to raise awareness of the importance of cooperatives and strengthen the cooperative movement.

International Co-operative Day celebration's message:

2019 Cooperatives for decent work

2018 Sustainable societies through Co-operatives  [photos] [video] [Denon Artean]

2017 Co-operatives ensure no one left behind  [photos]

2016 Co-operative: the power to act for a sustainable future

2015 Choose co-operative, choose equility

2014 Co-operative enterprises achieve sustainable development for all

2013 Co-operative enterprise remains strong in time of crisis

2012 Co-operatives enterprises build a better world

2011 Youth, the future of co-operative enterprise  [photos]

2010 Co-operative enterprise empowers women  [photos]

2009 Driving global recovery through co-operative enterprise  [photos]

2008 Confronting climate change through co-operative enterprise  [photos]

2007 Co-operatives values and principles for Corporate Social Responsability  [photos]

2006 Peace-building through co-operatives  [photos]

2005 Microfinances is our business! Cooperating out of property  [photos


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