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Organisations for Intercooperation

Elkargi S.G.R. is the Basque reciprocal guarantee company. The department specilised in Social Economy enterprises is called Oinarri. Its activity revolves around two areas of action:

•    To facilitate the financing suited to the enterprises
•    To improve the managing of their finances

It issues the guarantees enterprises may need: both financial and technical ones. With the help of the Oinarri guarantee, enterprises, even smaller ones, can finance their investments in the best possible market conditions.


Elkar-Lan S.Coop. is a second degree Cooperative whose ultimate aim is to promote cooperative enterprises and, consequently, the creation of cooperative employment and economic and social development.

It offers the following services free of charge:

•    Guidance and Advice on any Business Project that one may want to carry out within the cooperative corporate configuration
•    Project Feasibility Analyses
•    Cooperative Training
•    Customised and Professional Attention for the Promoters of Cooperative Projects until they are launched
•    Information about Grants and Assistance Schemes
•    Incorporation of Cooperatives
•    Tutoring / monitoring during the first year following the incorporation of the cooperative


ASEkoop, cooperative Senior Advisors Association, is born of the desire of retired cooperative members to continue providing voluntary and altruistic support, to address the cooperative and business development of certain Cooperatives.

ASEkoop serves especially in small or incipient Cooperatives. This support supposes a close accompaniment, contributed to the Boards from the accumulated experience in the development of managerial positions in the Cooperatives in their work stage.

The Association aims to be the instrument to get the know-how, experience and values of these volunteers to be used, to be the channel through which intergenerational solidarity is strengthened.



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